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BlueCherry Shop Floor Control productivity

Track and Report the Breadth of Your Floor Activities

Sewn products manufacturers face ever-increasing mandates to improve individual and overall plant productivity and efficiency in order to reduce throughput time and production costs. At the same time, they are challenged to improve quality and reduce work in process inventory levels.

To eliminate delays and achieve on-time deliveries, apparel and sewn products manufacturers must closely track, control and make production processes transparent to their customers and supply chain partners.

Further, to achieve and maintain high levels of productivity and employee morale, successful manufacturers must provide workers with information to make better decisions, motivation to be more productive and performance benchmarking to optimize incentive-based earnings. See how General Sportwear improved production efficiency with BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control [formerly Leadtec®].

General Sportwear on BlueCherry Shop Floor Control

Real-Time Shop Floor Visibility and Control

BlueCherry Shop Floor Control (SFC) [formerly Leadtec] solutions automate the collection and reporting of production activities immediately as they occur.

This real-time visibility equips managers with a comprehensive view of department and factory activity, allowing faster, better-informed business decisions on issues and activities such as order tracking, line balancing, absenteeism and low individual productivity.

To help managers solve or even avoid potential production delays, BlueCherry Shop Floor Control (Leadtec®) proactively advises on potential bottleneck situations and recommends work-around solutions before problems and excess costs escalate.

BlueCherry Shop Floor Control quickly identifies and isolates quality problems that impact production schedules and costs.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

When a worker’s productivity is not up to standard, supervisors use BlueCherry Shop Floor Control to identify the cause and find solutions before seriously affecting output and operator earnings earnings. Supervisors gain the ability to load and reconfigure production lines to optimize and maintain a balanced flow and instantly determine the status of any production order and delivery status.

By providing individual performance feedback to production workers, BlueCherry Shop Floor Control eliminates non-productive time and increases overall production output without requiring additional staffing, facilities or overhead expenses.

BlueCherry Shop Floor Control (Leadtec®) provides up to 200% increase in piece-work operator performance for global manufacturers.

Reduce and Control Costs

Reduce and Control Costs

BlueCherryShop Floor Control immediately reduces individual and overall administrative time and expenses by eliminating time clocks, paper tickets and manual recording of production information. It also improves payroll accuracy by automating processes and more consistently accounting for off-standard time. In fact, manufacturers using BlueCherry report saving 5-10 minutes of lost time per operator per day at the time clocks.

By using the system to evaluate current off-standard issues and their costs, supervisors quickly and easily identify waste and prioritize actions to resolve issues and eliminate unnecessary costs.

With BlueCherry Shop Floor Control, managers take corrective measures before production bottlenecks and quality issues escalate into more costly and time consuming problems.

BlueCherry SFC Terminal (leadtec)

Motivated, Better Trained Workforce

With BlueCherryShop Floor Control [formerly Leadtec] terminals in place, real-time performance feedback is presented to individual production workers to help them pace their activities, reach production goals and increase personal earnings in an incentive payroll environment.

Over 150,000 of these terminals have been installed globally, advancing operations for manufacturer after manufacturer.

This information helps accelerate training curves by assisting workers to meet reasonable targets and encouraging ongoing progress. These and other benefits of the BlueCherry Shop Floor Control system lead to improved morale across the manufacturing operation.

Without this technology and consistent feedback, operators lack the information, motivation and work-pace needed to meet and exceed production goals.


150,000+ BlueCherry Shop Floor Control terminals installed


Manufacturers using BlueCherry Shop Floor Control consistently reported 100% ROI within six to twelve months


10-30% reduction in excess labor costs

“BlueCherryShop Floor Control [formerly Leadtec] plays an important role in our success as a domestic manufacturer. By implementing their shop floor control throughout our facility, we have been able to achieve wall-to-wall best practices.” Richard Motta, Director of Engineering, JA Apparel


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