Virtual Events

VirtualEvents365™ by CGS represents an opportunity for you to expand your marketing reach, foster communication and collaboration, create better learning experiences and produce large-scale events, both live and online.

VirtualEvents365™ by CGS features:

  • Expert support in creating your online environment, your way
  • Reporting that delivers rich analytics
  • Deep integration of social media
  • Recommendation engines to give attendees content that fits their needs and objectives            
  • Promotion of attendee interaction, onsite and remote,
  • Rich media webcasts that deliver content on any platform, anytime, anywhere            
  • Content creation tools for multimedia presentations for event or external use.  

VirtualEvents365 provides content creation tools and delivery channels that will put your content in front of your audience in an engaging, interactive interface, regardless of the platform or device used by your attendees.

From live capture and streaming to a global audience, to self-recorded Webcasts, VirtualEvents365 has the tools, expertise and on-site support team to help you manage the entire process from session capture to deployment.

Sessions are presented in an engaging interface, featuring:

  • HTML5-based video player with Flash fallback for older browsers
  • Native platform video compatibility for iOS/Android/Blackberry
  • User configurable interfaces via drag-and-drop in Web applications
  • Text-based chat
  • Social media integration (Twitter feeds, etc.)
  • Live audio, Q&A support for webcasts, and live, streaming video
  • Live polling
  • Resource and asset download tools

Inform and Engage

Your Event, Your Way
What you need to reach 10 people, or 10,000.

Delivering a virtual or hybrid event has never been easier, whether it’s internal communications, channel marketing, or bringing your signature event to a wider audience, VirtualEvents365 has the tools you need to make it happen.

The VE365 Ecosystem
Create an 'experience universe.'

Create your organization's ‘experience universe’ where several events, whether physical, hybrid, or virtual can run simultaneously on the same platform, each with some unifying brand identity for the corporation and a consistent look and feel, but with a significant differentiating component in terms of sub-brand specific detail.  While the corporation as a whole owns the event space, individual events reflect the organizer’s brand.

Single sign on and single registration ensures that access to each of the simultaneous events is possible for any one attendee, assuming that individual has the rights to see that event.  Through the Event Access Portal, an attendee will be able to choose which event to attend within the context of a secure environment, protecting your content and your attendees personal data. The key is this:  An attendee in your VirtualEvents365 ecosystem need only register once.  This will give them access to all events they are entitled to attend. 

Event registration can be through the platform-provided and fully-customizable registration microsites or via third-party registration tools.  

Branding & Customization
Make your brand vision a reality.

VE365 believes your event universe should reflect the time, money and creativity you’ve invested, and will supply the creative professionals or work with yours to help sharpen your vision.  Choose from a completely modular presentation layer that lets you either adapt an existing template to your corporate standards, or create your own custom interfaces and event site backgrounds.  

Expert & Peer Networking
Connect to create meaningful relationships.

With VirtualEvents365, your attendees have the capacity to contact, communicate and connect with each other in a meaningful way, through a variety of methods. As a result attendees will return again and again, using their networks to promote your events.

Search & Agenda Building
Organize an event down to the smallest detail.

Build an agenda that keeps you focused on what interests you, make appointments with the people you need to talk to, and use the on-board tools to stay on target or export your event calendar to your professional calendar; the choice is yours.

Platform Management
Populate, customize, and execute your event plans using one interface.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or take advantage of the full-service offerings available from VirtualEvents365, populating, customizing, and executing event plans is done simply, using a Wizard and menu-driven process.

The VE365 platform is managed from a single administrative interface, with administrators having access to features based on their explicit role within the context of the platform.

Below are just some of the role-dependent functionalities available:

  • Event Setup and Design
  • Exhibitors and Booths
  • Presentation Management
  • Notifications and Access
  • Resource Centers
  • Event Surveys
  • Event Promotion
  • e-Learning
  • Chats
  • Collaboration
  • Restricted Zones
The data you need and the access you want.

VirtualEvents365 comes standard with a number of reports predefined for your general needs and the needs of your sponsors or exhibitors. Additional features include:

  • Customized and focused dashboards providing ready access to summary data and the ability to drill deep into your event data
  • Ad hoc and custom-designed detail reports to get the information you need for your event analysis: Before, during, and after the event. 
  • Reporting access available to multiple levels of users, from the individual attendee to the exhibitor to the platform owner.
Recommendations Engine
Meet the expectations of your attendees.

Built on the Apache Foundation's Mahout project, the VirtualEvents365 Recommendations Engine learns about the behaviors of individuals and identifiable groups within the context of all of the events they attend and is used to make content and activity recommendations to attendees. This information can be used to adapt your events in a way that delivers exactly what your attendees need and want.

Part of the standard offering, VirtualEvents365 has a very robust search engine that can easily index everything based text content, keywords, and meta-data, providing an incredibly responsive search tool.

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