Leadtec Shop Floor Control Software & Line Management Software


Solve Today's Toughest Manufacturing Challenges with Leadtec™ Shop Floor Control from CGS.

In today’s challenging business environment, manufacturers face ever greater mandates for speed, efficiency, quality, and process visibility.

For thirty five years, Leadtec has been the clear choice for progressive manufacturers in over twenty countries around the world to streamline operations, increase worker productivity, and control costs.

Strategic Improvements with Leadtec

  • Improve Visibility, Flexibility and Get Lean
  • Improve Global Competitiveness
  • Make Better Informed & More Timely Decisions
  • Balance Production & Improve Delivery Times
  • Improve Product Quality & Reduce Chargebacks
  • Improve Employee Morale & Reduce Turnover
  • Significantly Reduce Actual "Labor Cost per Unit"

Typical Savings with Leadtec

  • Increase Operator Productivity by 5% - 200%
  • Decrease Excess Labor Cost by 10% - 50%
  • Reduce Work-in-Process by 10% - 30%
  • Reduce Payroll Overpayment by 1% - 4%
  • Reduce Printing/Handling/Payroll Administrative Costs