Leadtec Shop Floor Control Software & Line Management Software


Solve Today's Toughest Manufacturing Challenges with Leadtec® Shop Floor Control system from CGS

For thirty six years, Leadtec Shop Floor Control and line management software has been the clear choice for progressive manufacturers in over twenty countries around the world to streamline operations, increase worker productivity and control costs.

Leadtec is a comprehensive Shop Floor Control and data collection solution that benefits apparel and sewn products manufacturers through improved profitability, reduced production costs, accelerated throughput time, line management and improved product quality. Leadtec customers consistently report a return-on-investment in 12 to 18 months by realizing operator productivity improvements of up to 25%, excess labor cost reductions of up to 20% and many other measurable cost savings. Moreover, Leadtec provides an opportunity to strategically improve the entire manufacturing operation with real-time visibility and control, increased efficiency and accuracy, operator feedback and motivation. 

With Leadtec Shop Floor Control, production employees use specialized workplace terminals with barcode readers or RFID scanners to clock-in and out, enter production activity, report off-standard problems, and track their performance throughout the course of their work day.  By scanning in information on the work that they perform throughout the day, the shop floor control terminal displays immediate feedback on their productivity and earnings performance. This interaction promotes better quality, communications and employee morale.

Leadtec Shop Floor Control also utilizes advanced, real-time manufacturing and line management software that enables plant managers, supervisors, engineers, production planners, office and support staff to stay on top of all operations, track job status and actual costs and react quickly to changing shop floor conditions throughout the day. It also enables automated, error-free payroll calculations and provides management with the visibility needed to better track, manage and report on all aspects of production.

Strategic Improvements with Leadtec

  • Reduce Labor Cost and Accelerate Throughput
  • Improve Production Visibility & Control
  • Streamline Production Flow & Improve Balance
  • Provide More Accurate & Consistent Pay Practices
  • Improve Product Quality & Reduce Chargebacks
  • Improve Employee Morale & Reduce Turnover

Typical Savings with Leadtec

  • Increase Operator Productivity by 5% - 200%
  • Decrease Excess Labor Cost by 10% - 50%
  • Reduce Work-in-Process Levels by 10% - 30%
  • Reduce Payroll Errors & Inaccuracies by 1% - 4%
  • Reduce Ticket Handling & Clock In/Out Time
  • Streamline Payroll Processing & Related Costs