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October 05, 2018

CGS Celebrates Customer Service Week 2018

CGS is honored to celebrate Customer Service Week with our thousands of contact center service representatives around the globe. We rely on them, their technical expertise, and customer service skills to ensure our clients are receiving the highest level of care. This year’s theme – Exceeding expectations, every customer, every time – is fitting, as this is what our teams continuously deliver. In honor of Customer Service Week and our teams worldwide, we invite you to get to know them a little better.  We asked our teams questions about what customer service means to them, how they build a strong team and more.

How do you build an enriching environment for your team that fosters camaraderie?

Edison, NJ: The mentoring during training is the first step to our team members’ building good working relationships with experienced agents. Also, at least once per month, HR and the managers host employee events that draw agents together. Generally, these events have our director Tom or other managers handing out items, running raffles, conducting chats, etc. This allows engagement with our managers and allows us to draw agents together that would not normally meet during a workday. For example, we have semiannual potlucks in which agents all bring food and have lunch together, group walks and drives for charity and cubicle decorating contests.

How do you train your staff, so they provide the best service?

Hyderabad, India: Along with classroom training, we have established a buddy-up program where agents sit with our platinum group associates to ensure they receive one-on-one expert training. Our top Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Team Managers closely mentor, train and guide our new associates to ensure they deliver best-in-class performance.

What’s the best thing about your team?

Tampa, FL: I think the best thing about our team is that we all work well together as a TEAM.  We are all compassionate toward one another and we all make each other laugh.  We have a good time at work.  It makes coming to work every day pleasant.  No matter what kind of day we’re all having, we support each other and get through it together.

How do you like to reward your agents for a job well done?

Brasov, Romania: It will depend on the team as to the deciding factor. Some will appreciate public recognition or a pat on the shoulder, while others would prefer some actual prizes, either cash bonuses or gifts. We also like to organize activities and team outings. This helps our team get to know each other outside the work environment and helps build trust among the team members.

And in the spirit of the week, what does exceeding expectations, every customer, every time mean to you and your staff?

Netanya, Israel: Beyond the technical support we give, it is important to us that every meeting between a representative and a customer will be pleasant, full of tolerance and professionalism.

Hyderabad, India: Our philosophy is: "Our greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customer as if he/she is the only one!" With this in mind, we always try to solve customer problems in the first call.

Brasov, Romania: Excellent customer service involves treating everyday customer issues as if they are your own. Only then you can give 110% to reach the common goal, which is a satisfied customer. Excellent customer service also means to truly listen to what the customers want and be proactive when offering a solution by covering any and all issues.

Tampa, Florida: For my team, a successful call isn’t one that is simply completed, and problem resolved; a successful interaction is one where the extra step is taken, and the absolute best customer service is provided.

Edison, NJ: For our team, exceeding customer service expectations means ensuring that we have made every effort to assist our customers and ensure that we represent our clients well. While we are on the phone, not face to face, our agents strive to go above and beyond to work efficiently and effectively to service the customer and have fun while doing so! 

At CGS our business is our people and our PEOPLE are our driving force. So, we’d like to say a huge “THANK YOU” to everyone in the CGS family for their contributions to the success of our business each and every day. Happy Customer Service Week 2018!

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