Written by

Christine Kitson
February 25, 2016

Should Your Business Invest in Omnichannel CX? 4 Questions to Consider

Omnichannel customer experience is expected to be one of the fastest growing trends in 2016. How can brands and enterprises capitalize on this emerging trend?

Let’s begin by clearly defining what an omnichannel customer experience is, and how it differs from traditional CX. Essentially, this is a service that entails a complete integration of each and every channel through which consumers interact with brands. The standard customer experience is no longer enough; customers now expect high quality service that can be easily accessed in multiple formats. In order to create an effective CX strategy that will truly benefit your customers, there are four key questions that must be addressed.

 Which channels should I invest in?

Brands need to determine which channels are most valuable for their service. Those avenues for interaction are a critical component of omnichannel success.

Do I have the proper tools and technologies?

Enterprise must have tools and technologies, as well as processes paired with them, if they want to succeed in omnichannel practices. This means integrating CRMs with other systems and arming employees with devices.

Is my brand image consistent across all platforms?

Companies must get their employees and call center services on the same page when it comes to brand image consistency. Regardless of the platform being used, customers should be given the appropriate information to help them with their CX needs.

Are my customers aware of my omnichannel capabilites?

Now that you are offering omnichannel assistance, have your customers been notified? Organizations should unify messaging across all platforms and encourage users to leverage a variety of channels. Users will be more likely to reach out for assistance knowing that resources can be accessed from their various devices.

Taking the Next Step

Asking these four questions when building an omnichannel CX strategy will ensure that both your employees and your customers can take full advantage of this developing service. For more information, watch our CGS video blog, "4 Tips for Creating an Omnichannel Customer Experience." 

Written by

Christine Kitson

Call Center