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Seon Barbera
March 31, 2021

What is an ERP System and Why is it Important for Your Company?

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business management software that allows an organization to leverage a suite of integrated applications. ERP systems streamline and automate processes, creating a leaner, more accurate and efficient operation. ERP provides complete visibility into core business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, like BlueCherry ERP, optimize systems through superior resource tracking and reporting, database management and data sharing and overall improved information systems. ERP systems can allow your business to expand without the addition of IT or staffing costs.

Think of an ERP system as the brain of your company's technology system. In the human body, the brain controls all areas of your body by telling them what to do and ensuring they all work together. The human body is unable to function without a brain, and a retail company cannot function without a proper ERP system. It integrates all facets of a business including product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. By synchronizing all of these areas, businesses are able to gain visibility, increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

If you’re considering implementing an ERP system, upgrading an existing system, or even if you aren’t sure if you need one yet, it’s worthwhile to understand the benefits that an ERP system can bring to your business. Gain real-time visibility across your entire business with 24/7 access. Increase your ability to understand, monitor and control various organizational systems with unprecedented access to all facets of your business.

ERP can enhance your fashion, retail, apparel or footwear business in other ways

  • Make your business more agile: In a rapidly evolving business climate, being able to respond to change is essential. A good ERP system is flexible, modular and scalable enough to adapt to shifting market dynamics and changing customer needs. You can initially implement specific applications that make sense now and add on seamlessly integrated applications as needed as your business grows.
  • Drastically increase efficiency and productivity: Inefficient spreadsheets, manual workflows and outdated software can inhibit your business growth. An ERP system can streamline your entire organization and put your data all in one place, enabling more accurate reporting and a more efficient, collaboration-based and data-driven work environment.
  • Save on unnecessary costs: Running your business with an ERP system creates efficiencies that make your business leaner as it grows. Many businesses report that they are able to expand without adding additional staff or IT costs. The cost of implementing an ERP system is easily eclipsed by the ROI of a more efficient, fully optimized business environment.
  • Improve security and accessibility: You can reduce your risk and hardware costs by moving your ERP to the cloud. Embrace the future of information systems with a modern ERP hosted in a secure cloud. Moving your ERP applications to the cloud allows you to scale, extend and upgrade quickly. It also increases visibility and accessibility even further, taking full advantage of an ERP system’s capabilities.
  • Gain a professional partner: When you upgrade to an ERP system, you also gain the partnership of your ERP implementation provider and all the support – from implementation and training to software support to community membership – that they have to offer. Some ERP systems have dedicated user groups and communities that open up entire networks of industry innovators and dynamic brands.
  • Grow your business: An ERP system can eliminate inefficiencies, wasted time and wasted resources, empowering your business to thrive and flourish. If you’ve been burdened by an inability to keep up with demand because you’re limited by conventional systems or stagnant legacy ERP systems, upgrading to a modern ERP system frees your business to realize its true growth potential.

While implementing a new ERP system can be a big change for any business, the benefits can be seen almost immediately. You do not want to wait for the industry to pass you by. 

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Written by

Seon Barbera