Corporate Responsibility-South America

Social Responsibility Policy:

CGS Chile offers services based on communication and trust to maintain and develop stable, long-term business relationships. We provide our services based on the following principles:

  • We value and protect our human capital, balancing and respecting the policies that the Chilean labor legislation provides, especially valuing the safety and occupational health of our employees
  • We contribute to the country's development, providing and adhering to the foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • CGS promotes gender equality, providing opportunities both for men and women without discriminating based on their life choices
  • CGS provides work for disabled people, integrating them into the working world and providing them all of the tools and resources they need to perform their job duties
  • We strive to maintain service excellence, allowing our workers to feel a sense of pride and respect their work by providing a safe and friendly environment
  • We work to maintain continuous improvements complying with the legal requirements for risk prevention, applying all safety, environmental and physical systems to prevent all forms of harm to the environment and the health of our workers; for this we have a specialized area led by a Risk Prevention Engineer