CGS Releases Fourth Annual Enterprise Learning Trends Report

Change, change, and more change to come. This is the overwhelming theme of our fourth annual Learning Trends report. We surveyed hundreds of executives and influencers across talent management, learning, HR, strategy, and operations management to gather and share what teams responsible for employee performance perceive as being this year’s top priorities and toughest challenges.

Whether the issue is accelerating technological developments, demographic change, disruption, competition or new methods of measuring success, today’s corporate learning professionals are racing to keep pace with the relentless speed of change.

This 22-page report contains quotes from experts, visualized data and shareable tips to help you understand: CGS Annual Learning and Development Trends Report 2018

  • Where businesses are focusing learning resources CGS Annual Learning and Development Trends Report 2018
  • Where they expect to increase/decrease spending
  • How changes in spend align with business goals
  • What their biggest challenges will be
  • How they will assess success of their programs
  • Which L&D formats businesses are relying on to achieve their organizational performance goals
  • How all of these elements will be affected by the increasing generational diversity in the workplace and elsewhere


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