As CGS continues to expand in Romania, a focus on continuing to address employee needs

Vladimir Sterescu, Country Manager, CGS Romania; Senior Vice President, Call Center Solutions, EMEA, was recently featured in an article published by the Romanian publication Wall-Street. The article and accompanying video interview explore the importance of employee satisfaction and egnagement as CGS continues to expand in Romania. The article appears below.


Sterescu, CGS: Great differences between counties – Miercurea Ciuc residents pleased to have an employment record book and their salaries paid on time.

Vladimir Sterescu is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in Romania, delivering an excess of 8 million euro in 2006 for CGS (Computer Generated Solutions), the company he represents as Country Manager. CGS has expanded this year to Miercurea Ciuc and, more recently, to Galati, with plans to hire extensively. Find out more about the company’s future plans in support and business process outsourcing (BPO) in Wall-Street 360’s video interview.

Among CGS’s clients are Fortune 500 companies, which is a ranking of the largest global companies. Around 25 percent of CGS Romania’s clients are from the local market. These companies work mostly in the telecommunications, financial, insurance and retail fields. The other 75 percent of CGS's clientele is comprised of international clients, mostly from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States of America.

“There are many differences in the things that satisfy our employees’ needs, and they vary by county. As such, in Targu Jiu or Miercurea Ciuc the majority are pleased by the fact they have an employment record book and they receive their salaries on time. However, in Bucharest or Sibiu this is something that is viewed as normal and is expected,” he states. Watch the entire interview with CGS’s country manager.