The State of IT & Technology in 2019

Determine the best IT & technology strategies by learning industry trends and how your peers are overcoming challenges.

We are excited to share with you the industry insights from CGS’s IT & Technology Trends survey. The responses came from hundreds of executives, directors, and managers from multiple industries to create a broad picture of the state of IT and aligning technology with strategic business goals. 

2019 IT & Tech TrendsA booming economy, increased competition, and a tight job market are all constraints on your organization’s ability to grow. But add the pressure to digitally transform your business, fight off cyberattacks and invest in technology and you have a taste of what 2019 has in store. We've analyzed our findings to suggest what you can do to prioritize your focus in 2019 and beyond to proactively grow your business while protecting your customer and business interests. 

Download the full report to see the answers to these pressing questions:

  • What are the most disruptive trends for IT teams?
  • What are the top business objectives for technology?
  • What are the biggest barriers to completing IT projects?
  • Where are businesses investing in technology transformation?


Our 2019 report is complete with survey data, comparison charts, quotes and real-life examples that will set you up for technology success.  Download your copy to learn more.

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