Accelerating Digital Transformation in the New Normal


In 2021, the COVID pandemic persisted much longer than anticipated. Mask mandates and other restrictions were reimposed in many states, and companies had to confront another round of serious disruptions to business as usual. Organizations had to prioritize stability in this situation, but the big question arising today is:

How can organizations harness the power of transformative digital technologies to succeed in an era of rapid change and uncertainty?

Last year’s CGS report, Supporting the Enterprise in a Post-COVID World (2021), demonstrated that operational leaders focused on “steadying the ship.”

Our 2022 report, based on survey data gathered from 184 operational leaders, shows that steady-state initiatives and pandemic responses remain essential, but a space may be opening for forward-looking investments in digital technologies.

Download your copy of the report to discover key themes, trends and technology investments that leaders are making to prepare their organizations for success in the next normal.

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