Adjust Your Omnichannel Demand Plans Post-COVID

How to Adjust Your Omnichannel Demand Plans in Response to COVID-19

Today, demand planners are tasked with what may seem like mission impossible - to forecast and maintain demand requirements in the immediate weeks and months as the economic recovery begins.

In our recorded webinar, we discussed an action plan to meet the challenges ahead. Our industry experts shared how a holistic planning strategy across finance, design, sourcing, inventory, order management and omnichannel distribution will help you overcome the negative effects of COVID-19.

What will you learn?

  • Top 3 challenges Demand Planners are facing today
  • Short and long-term demand planning strategies in response to COVID-19
  • How to improve supply chain performance with integrated planning across eCommerce, retail and wholesale
  • Tips on strengthening demand plans for future disruptions


Ross Amarante, VP Consulting at CGS

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