Enterprise Mixed Reality: Take 3D Content Creation into Your Own Hands

When getting started with mixed reality (MR) technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality (VR), two of the biggest pain points at an enterprise level are the amount of time it takes to build custom 3D content and the costs of capturing real-world objects and environments. But a new partnership between Matterport and TeamworkAR™ is allowing customers to quickly create digital twins and other 3D content and deploy immersive experiences at scale.

Now On Demand- Watch Doug Stephen, president, Enterprise Learning & TeamworkAR™, CGS; Kevin Jordan, Alliances Director, Matterport; and Eric Abbruzzese, Research Director, ABI Research, discuss the challenges of creating interactive mixed reality environments and the massive potential of democratizing enterprise-ready 3D content creation for all businesses that want to deploy XR.

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