The Growth of Digital B2B eCommerce

Digital transformation enables brands to reduce costs, gain flexibility and take on one of the biggest challenges in the market today: enhancing the customer experience. In the next five years, B2B eCommerce spend is expected to reach $1.9 trillion as businesses continue to embrace digital.

There are many reasons why B2B eCommerce has grown so much. Buyer preferences, loyalty building and customer experience are all among key drivers for this growth. This revolution has taken off with many companies because they are starting to see the benefits. 79% of companies who have adopted digital B2B eCommerce are reporting higher team sales quotas. 

Many fashion, apparel and consumer lifestyle brands are also seeing more accurate sales forecasts, higher customer retention rate and average order value increases among other benefits. With the adoption of digital, companies are seeing more benefits and growth than ever. This technology has allowed companies to be more efficient and provide a better quality of service. 

Premier brands are confronting these new B2B challenges head on.


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