How to Elevate Customer Service with a Focus on Effort, Empathy and Loyalty

Top Customer Expectations graphicAccording to our poll of executives, knowledgeable support teams (65%), first-time problem solving (59%) and quick resolution (50%) are the top three customer expectations when it comes to support. In a survey of 2,000 consumers, nearly 40% said having an “opportunity to speak to a human agent” was a top three requirement for having a happy customer service experience.

So, how do you demonstrate empathy and reduce customer effort in your service experience to improve customer loyalty?

In this webinar, CGS’s Steve Petruk, president of the Global Outsourcing division and Doug Stephen, president of the Enterprise Learning division, partner with Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director to discuss how:

  • Self-service and agent assisted support with Augmented Reality can foster more open communication, rapidly solve problems and build customer loyalty
  • Automation and AI reduce effort and provide a more tailored customer service experience without becoming a roadblock for human intervention
  • The right tools and agent training can not only reduce time from learning to production by 30% but lead to reduced call transfers and improved agent satisfaction
  • “Actionable” data can improve productivity by 20% and improve net promoter scores
  • Measuring effort, empathy and loyalty lead to more innovation, faster growth and improved bottom lines
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