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How to Improve Your Fashion Supply Chain: 7 Challenges That Face Apparel Companies

What are the biggest obstacles that apparel businesses face when it comes to managing design, production and sourcing activities?

For many fashion, apparel and lifestyle brands, delivering new products to markets across the globe remains a challenging and complex process. Research shows that inadequate communication, stemming from poor collaboration and data visibility, is one of the major issues faced by companies across all industry sectors. Poor communication leads to discrepancies amongst business leaders regarding plans and decisions, as well as confusion over the general workflow and information transfer.

As a result of these pressing concerns, manyof these brands are turning to product lifecycle management (PLM) technologies in hopes of improving the 7Cs:

Centralization of data
Change management

Mastering the 7Cs enabes consumer lifestyle brands to keep up with fast-moving trends, customer change requests and the increasing demands of omnichannel retailing. Implementing a PLM system to address these concerns can help businesses swiftly respond to changes in the industry, ultimately leading to streamlined processes and a positive impact on financial performance.

Despite the evident benefits of investing in a PLM system, many businesses have concerns over making the switch. Will a PLM solution require extensive change in the business structure (internal and external)? Will it add unnecessary work for already-busy associates? In this infographic, industry experts answer these questions by providing data-driven insights derived from case studies, key statistics and real-world success stories.

A well-executed PLM system can transform the way your company drives business. Learn about the benefits of PLM that can lead to better communication, collaboration and visibility by exploring 2016 trends and key findings from leading experts in the fashion and apparel industries. 

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