Infographic: 10 Key Findings to Help Explain the Great Resignation

As if business conditions haven’t been challenging enough over the past 18-plus months, employers are now contending with record-high quit rates. During this so-called “Great Resignation,” many employees are leaving their jobs of their own accord. And for those who have stuck around throughout the pandemic, they are actively looking for new opportunities. This could further exacerbate challenges for businesses, unless they start addressing employees’ evolving needs.

What’s causing these departures, and what can employers do to improve talent retention? To gain insight, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. individuals and found that training/skills development could be an underrated factor. Yet, the problem is complex and could have several causes. View our infographic for key takeaways.

Download this infographic.

CGS Infographic with statistics and information on reasons for the Great Resignation and how companies can respond


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