Proactively Planning: How L&D Leaders Are Adapting to an Unpredictable World

Cover image for CGS's annual report on Learning and Development Technology and TrendsEven if businesses were more prepared in 2021 to manage the pandemic than they were the prior year, new issues like the Great Resignation emerged, and businesses have had to continually adapt to changing world. The silver lining, however, is that companies have an opportunity to reorient themselves in ways that can lead to more long-term success, especially by re-examining their learning and development (L&D) programs.

Over seven years of surveys, we have seen many trends emerge around technology. The results from this year’s survey point to a lasting shift in the roles that L&D and employees play in driving growth, resiliency and innovation from within.

In this year’s report, you’ll get insights and actionable intelligence from 250 L&D leaders across 25 different industries. Download the report using the form below to learn more about:

  • The New World of L&D
  • Emphasis on Customer Experience
  • More Learning and More Feedback
  • Technology Trends
  • And much more!
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