Star Garment Advances Manufacturing Productivity and Efficiency

Star Garment Group is no stranger to problem solving and transformation. Since 1978, this Sri Lanka-based business has been transforming ideas into products for leading brands. Star, which joined the Komar family of companies in 2016, is a full-service provider of fashion apparel across a broad range of product categories. In 2020, Star reached one of its brightest achievements yet: 14 factories were certified as carbon neutral, a first in Sri Lanka and an outstanding accomplishment on the global scale.

Along the way, Star has faced challenges, adapted and improved to stay competitive. Whether it’s 3D design or the newest sewing machinery, Star continually invests in technology to ensure quality without compromise. In recent years, Star invested in factory floor digitalization by adding the CGS BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control (SFC) solution. Download this case study to find out how the SFC technology:

  • Enables Star’s management team to make informed decisions, faster
  • Delivers access to real-time shop floor information, leading to faster problem resolution, unproductive time reduction, better productivity and cost reduction
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