The Top Trends for Fashion Brands and Retailers in 2019

Managing Disruption to Fuel Growth

In 2019, leading fashion brands and retailers will drive new growth by out-maneuvering market challenges and disruptions.

We surveyed over 120 business leaders and key influencers responsible for ERP solutions to gain insights into the latest trends, challenges and business issues impacting the fashion and apparel industry. 



What will you learn?

  • What the outlook for the fashion industry in 2019 is
  • Which sales channels hold the greatest opportunity
  • How your peers plan to respond to challenges
  • Why you must be willing to disrupt rather than be disrupted
  • What business improvements are top priorities
  • And more! 


Our new 2019 ERP and Supply Chain report is full of actionable survey data, comparison charts, quotes and real-life examples that will help you manage disruption and fuel growth in 2019 and beyond. 

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