Webinar: Human Orchestration – The Key to Unlocking Growth in Your Mid-Market Strategy

The mid-market can be challenging to reach if you don't have the right strategy in place. Setting up, managing and monetizing multi-partner solutions can be complicated and today is achieved through custom, manual and time-intensive processes. Account-based marketing strategies are driving relationships with enterprise accounts and in recent years, small- and medium-sized businesses have seen a good amount of automation, strategy and growth from digital marketing. Yet, the mid-market is a $9 trillion opportunity that hasn’t been fully realized.

Doug Stephen, president of Enterprise Learning & Channels division, CGS, and guest speaker Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Alliances at Forrester Research, agree that the answer to driving growth into the mid-market is ecosystem orchestration anchored on automation, flexibility, scalability and self-service married with human-led orchestration.

In this discussion, the experts will discuss 3 ways to drive incremental growth from the mid-market through:

  • Selecting the appropriate complementary solutions between vendor and IT ecosystem partner to drive revenue
  • Using intent marketing tools, ideal customer profiles and account mapping to target the best prospects
  • Implementing human-led orchestration to coordinate and orchestrate the sales process among solution provider, vendor and prospect
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