Movistar (Telefónica), a leading multinational broadband and telecommunications provider, expanded their contract with CGS Chile’s Contact Center to include back office services and new digital channels for their customer service, such as chat and email.

CGS now manages more than 170,000 interactions per month with Mass Fixed and Mobile back office channels, along with the back office for corporate, containment and migration, enlistment and GVI accounts. In addition, CGS Chile will handle client retention functions and a pilot program to welcome new and migrated fiber optic customers.

"Movistar always looks to provide the best customer experience, for which we need to have the best partners delivering incredible moments throughout the whole value chain. CGS has been an excellent partner that has been with us for several years, providing excellent performance in each managed service," said Gustavo Perez Avero, Movistar Chile’s Digital Channels Manager.

The path to becoming strategic partners began with the joint decision by Movistar and CGS to decentralize call center operations and move from the Chilean capital, Santiago, to Valdivia, in the south of the country.


Movistar’s partnership with CGS has created a model for customer experience excellence and has resulted in substantial improvements in their customer relationships and care. In 2012, CGS received certification in COPC standards, and applied them to services carried out for Movistar under the demanding GMD standard. These steps further improved the net satisfaction score approximately 30 percentage points in Movistar’s satellite TV service.

CGS understanding that service excellence ranks as one of the most important priorities for its clients, chose to move their call center operation from the capital city of Santiago to a place with a different pace of life, that still offered a talent pool of high-profile, customer-oriented executives. The chosen city, Valdivia, is known as the "Southern Pearl" for its pristine rivers and abundant vegetation, and it certainly met the requirements for a location with a more relaxed pace of life, however the challenge was ensuring the same high-level quality service could be provided from this location.

Valdivia operations began in 2014, first with technical services for broadband, TV, landline and mobile phone services. Upon review, CGS and Movistar were very pleased to see that the net satisfaction score rebounded from 59% to 65% and re-calls decreased. Movistar decided to increase their services to include Integral Complex Solutions (SCI for its initials in Spanish), which helped raise the net satisfaction score even higher, all the way to 80%.

Moving to Valdivia has had a positive impact on several metrics, such as:

·         6% higher productivity
·         70% increase in cross-selling opportunities
·         30% lower truancy
·         6 percentage points lower rotation

With these results, Movistar was more than happy to renew the contract for services with CGS, and even expand their requests to back office functions and digital channel services. The model for success that CGS created by decentralizing customer services to the state-of-the-art contact center in Valdivia, has now been replicated in other Latin America countries, such as Colombia and Peru.

In addition to renewing and expanding their services after these results, Movistar also recognized CGS Chile with the “Best Result in Quality Performance Call Center Award” for its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. The award is given to the provider with the highest net satisfaction score.

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