Alice and Olivia


Goal: Maximize supply chain accuracy and minimize chargebacks with BlueCherry Suite

Challenge/Opportunity: Supply chain management, data accuracy and chargebacks

Solution: BlueCherry Suite

Benefits delivered to Alice & Olivia:

  • Accurate inventory and fulfillment
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Improved supply chain visibility

“CGS helped us overcome those challenges by helping reduce chargebacks; by giving us the confidence and data to show that what he had picked and packed and shipped was ultimately correct. BlueCherry advanced warehouse system (AWS) has been a big factor in making sure these things were approved.”

For fashion and wholesale brands, supply chain visibility and data accuracy are critical to a company’s success, from design and production to inventory and logistics. Inaccurate inventory data and chargebacks can have an enormous impact on the company’s productivity and bottom line. In the search for an end-to-end solution, Alice and Olivia partnered with CGS to implement the BlueCherry Suite, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Advanced Warehouse Management System (AWS), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Logistics.

From validating orders and confirming shipping weights, to tracking inventory and conducting business with retailers worldwide, BlueCherry has provided Alice & Olivia, a $200 million retail operation, a comprehensive, stable and scalable solution that fit its growing business needs.

The BlueCherry platform is an invaluable tool for increasing the efficiency and ease of a brand’s omnichannel supply chain, positioning brands like Alice & Olivia for greater profits and growth.

About Alice & Olivia: Founded by designer Stacey Bendet, Alice & Olivia is a New York based lifestyle brand with evening wear, formal wear, footwear, and accessories. Alice and Olivia is an omnichannel international brand with 25 stores, an eCommerce site and a presence in over 800 department and specialty retail stores.

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