BCN Telecom


B2B Software and CGS Cloud Support with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Challenge/Opportunity: Providing integrated software and cloud storage to manage growth

o B2B Software CGS provided for BCN Telecom:

o Full software upgrade and expansion services

o Cloud storage and support for all of BCN Telecom’s data

o Ongoing, scalable solutions for multiple needs from a single vendor

“What we did was upgrade all of our software with CGS, and then ultimately moved everything into the CGS cloud. And since then, we’ve had no issues.”

As a fast-growing telecom company providing voice, data, cloud and wireless services to multi-location businesses, BCN Telecom faced major scaling challenges. Working with separate vendors for software, cloud and data support only compounded that issue: any time a problem arose, the company had to coordinate with multiple companies to solve it.

CGS provided BCN with all-in-one software solution that eliminated the hassle of keeping up with every software update. At the recommendation of Microsoft, BCN Telecom partnered with CGS to manage its software upgrades and cloud storage. For 12 years and counting, CGS has kept BCN Telecom up to speed with the latest software, enabling the company to focus on providing excellent customer service.



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