Integrated Software Solutions for Fast-Growing Businesses

Challenge/Opportunity: Providing software solutions to growing companies with unique needs and challenges

CGS’s BlueCherry provided Betabrand:

  • Customizable manufacturing to shop-floor solutions
  • Omni-channel planning with built-in ERP and PLM integration

 “The people I spoke with at BlueCherry really knew their stuff, and they answered my questions really succinctly. That gave me a sense of confidence.”

Fast-growing retail businesses need software solutions that keep pace while offering an integrated approach and personalization, supported by skilled staff dedicated to problem solving. BlueCherry Apparel Software allows businesses to adapt practices as they evolve. while providing built-in communication tools that are customizable.

Lana Hogue, director of Product Development and Production at Betabrand, vetted a number of software possibilities, but BlueCherry stood out because everyone she connected with at BlueCherry went above and beyond to help Betabrand pinpoint solutions while integrating with existing PLM and ERP software as well as Magento.

With BlueCherry’s software solutions, Betabrand experienced quick, massive growth as an online retailer that acts as both manufacturer and retailer while crowdsourcing and crowdfunding new design ideas.

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