Delta Apparel

CGS’s BlueCherry Enterprise Suite Helps Support Delta Apparel’s Diverse Business Needs

Challenge/Opportunity: An ERP software platform that standardizes operations to meet the unique needs and requirements of a multi-division company.

CGS’s BlueCherry Systems became Delta Apparel’s strategic partner, delivering:

  • Rich EDI functionality and industry-focused solutions which did not require building a new technical team within Delta Apparel to maintain and operate.
  • CGS’ best-in-class ERP systems are relatively issue free, allowing Delta Apparel’s team to focus on developing business operations, instead of troubleshooting back-end system issues.

 “We needed apparel-based software…CGS was the right player for us.”

T-Shirt and activewear company, Delta Apparel, has experienced impressive growth: 7 acquisitions over the past 12 years.

But with each acquisition was the labor intensive challenge of integrating the newest operation into its current business systems. The company needed a workable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution— one with a standardized platform that would also allow configurable software to meet the unique requirements of a multi-division apparel company.

CGS’s BlueCherry Enterprise Suite was the perfect solution for helping Delta Apparel overcome the operational challenges of integrating new divisions by delivering end-to-end ERP systems that are collaborative and relatively easy to implement, strengthening the company’s overall core business functions.

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