Delta Children's Products


Cloud migration, support and hosting in one single platform with CGS BlueCherry

Challenge / Opportunity:

* Delta Children’s Products needed to migrate to the cloud and faced three different challenges doing so: price, eliminating infrastructure, and redundancy.

* Finding a “one-stop shop” for a variety of applications

* Needed a cost-effective solution that would meet all these demands

“I look forward to working with CGS in the future as they continue to bring innovative ideas to Delta, which are being developed by their relationships with companies, not only within my industry, but outside the industry - strengthening the hosting package.” - Rob Scarcello, COO of Delta Children’s Products

Delta, a leading crib manufacturer and children's apparel distributor, moved their business applications to the CGS cloud to eliminate infrastructure and associated costs, to become more cost effective and to create redundancies. CGS's hosting solutions, with two secure data centers, are competitively priced, and CGS continues to bring industry expertise and innovative ideas to the partnership with Delta. Watch Rob Scarcello, the COO of Delta Children’s Product’s in this video talk about the benefits of their partnership with CGS.

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