Ellery Homestyles

How Ellery Homestyles grew their business with BlueCherry PLM


BlueCherry Improves a Company’s Project Lifecycle

Challenge/Opportunity: Minimizing Time to Product Delivery from Orders

CGS’s Product Lifecycle Management System helped Ellery Homestyles:

  • Save 1,000 hours of time
  • Increase production by 30 percent
  • Streamline data and reporting through BlueCherry’s Infinity and Sequel systems

 “They're passionate about what they do and they'll listen to what you say... To this day they're insanely good partners."

Process management is critical in organizations with production facilities in different countries. Seamlessly linking disparate groups to streamline workflow reduces time from initial orders, to production and shipping.

Ellery Homestyles had been struggling to land a major client due to confusion between its Chinese office and its American office, causing the company to miss deadlines. BlueCherry IT solutions integrated the supply chain process of Ellery’s electronic data interchange. Thanks to a streamlined workflow with real-time visibility, BlueCherry’s EDI dramatically reduced Ellery’s product lifecycle from 2.5 months to 2.5 weeks.

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