General Sportwear




Challenge / Opportunity:

* Struggled to get real-time, accurate data and numbers on efficiency and performance

* Seeing bottlenecks were a challenge since there was a lag in information and reporting

* Managers were spending hours a day going through the lines and counting production

“As soon as we implemented this and put this system in place, it wasn’t long before the operators were taking advantage of it. We saw about an 11% gain in our on standard time. Obviously that was terrific from a management side, as well as operator performance side.” – Jeff Rosenstock, Vice President and Co-Owner, General Sportswear

General Sportwear Co., Inc. and Sincotex S.A., a state of the art jeans factory in Tipitapa, Nicaragua, chose CGS's Bluecherry as its shop floor control solution to increase overall plant performance. BlueCherry Shop Floor Control has given the operators and management the tools they needed to dramatically improve their efficiency. Almost immediately after implementation, General Sportswear saw about an 11% increase in their standard time. Watch Jeff Rosenstock, Vice President and Co-Owner of General Sportswear, talk about the dramatic improvements in their work in this video.


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