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Haggar Clothing Co.

Increasing Allocation, Job Efficiency and Meeting Volume Requirements using BlueCherry® 

Challenge/Opportunity: Modification of the BlueCherry® code and data structure to meet a company’s unique allocation and volume requirements.

CGS’s BlueCherry® provided for Haggar Clothing Co.:

  • Optimized modules that allowed jobs to be completed more quickly
  • Significantly improved user response time
  • Streamlined reporting

 “We were able to improve our allocation performance by 30% over the past 4 years, which is significant.”

Haggar Clothing Co. was challenged with managing job allocation within a high volume, time-limited environment. It needed a solution that was scalable, while managing the high volume of inventory needed to satisfy its customer base.

Working hand-in-hand with CGS, BlueCherry® was modified for Haggar Clothing Co.’s special requirements, resulting in an optimized system that increased efficiency, created the capacity for extended volumes, and increased response time for most users.

BlueCherry’s reporting system also delivered great value, enabling users to create and access other user’s reports, and providing a sense of ownership that was lacking with previous systems.

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