LT Apparel Group

As a company that designs, sources and markets apparel and accessories throughout the United States, the LT Apparel Group needed a system that would enable them to execute the right product, at the right time and at the right price to their network of retail customers. They also required an end-to-end collaborative platform that would integrate all of their business processes to increase speed-to-market, improve operational efficiency and position the business for profitable growth.  
To address these issues, LT Apparel selected CGS's BlueCherry ERP® solution for benefits including:
·        Better visibility and tracking of inbound overseas product
·        Better EDI and order turn time by 25%
·        Improvement in order fulfilment by 10%
·        Exception-based reporting and problem solving
·        Higher rate of customer satisfaction
·        Improved picking metrics
·        Greater visibility for sales on order status and scheduled pick up dates 
As an integrated solution, BlueCherry eliminates the need for LT Apparel to maintain various interfaces, allowing information to be entered into one system for immediate availability throughout their company and supply chain. ERP-based reporting and analytics also provide clear real-time visibility into what is happening across their business, including the tools to predict potential problems and the capabilities to implement workarounds.
“BlueCherry has really helped streamline and give visibility to everybody in the organization as opposed to sharing files and information back and forth between multiple systems. The visibility is right there for anybody to see, from the end-to-end process of development through shipping.” – Abe Kassin, VP of Operations
To learn more about how LT Apparel used CGS's BlueCherry® solution to improve business, watch the video.
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