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Paige Premium Denim

An Integrated Software Solution that Replaces Outdated Systems

Challenge/Opportunity: Upgrading outdated systems to support a new business model

CGS’s BlueCherry® provided for Paige Premium Denim:

  • An effective EDI
  • Improved software solutions
  • YOY increases in sales that weren’t possible using their old system

 “One of the reasons we went with CGS over the other alternatives was that it’s a group of apparel professional that are also software professionals. It’s the people that won us over.”

Paige Premium Denim, while transitioning from its old business model, realized its existing systems were inadequate to meet the demands created by rapid growth.  The search for a better solution to meet the company’s changing needs led Paige Premium Denim to ultimately choose CGS’s BlueCherry® over the competition.

CGS employed a team of software experts who are also apparel professionals, providing valuable insight into Paige Premium Denim’s core business. Steve Boehme, the company’s Software Applications Manager, believes that BlueCherry’s solutions delivered the most business value, while the increases in year-over-year sales would not have been possible using the old system.

Paige Premium Denim has enjoyed a record year and credits CGS as a big part of its success.

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