Schott NYC

BlueCherry Suite for Fully Integrated Software Solutions

Challenge/Opportunity: Maintaining flexibility and competitiveness in a rapidly changing industry

CGS’s BlueCherry Suite (formerly Leadtec) provided for Schott NYC:

  • A user-friendly system for incentivizing production and tracking inventory
  • Integrated, top-to-bottom support for managing factory operations
  • Experience-based training to ensure successful implementation

Despite 98 years in the leather garment industry, Schott NYC realized it was not immune to the demands of an ever-changing and marketplace. As an apparel company committed to keeping its production in the United States, Schott knew it needed every competitive advantage it could get.

Schott turned to BlueCherry Suite for software solutions that are integrated at every level, from empowering and incentivizing workers on the factory floor, to tracking inventory and streamlining production.

 “We’ve seen our output grow significantly— I’d say around ten percent— and it’s given us much more visibility into how our production is running.”

BlueCherry provided the company with all the tools it needed for increasing efficiency in production. Blue Cherry also provided the company extensive training and ongoing support that ensured top-to-bottom integration and ease of use.


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