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SG Companies

Challenge/Opportunity: Integrating data amongst the different business units of SG Companies to operate as one entity

BlueCherry provided:

  • An integrated system to support their needs on a single platform
  • A supply chain solution to manage resources around the world
  • A reliable method for communication with customers, partners and other business units

 “…We went with the BlueCherry package from CGS because of its global capability—being able to support visibility and a transactional thread across all the times zones that we deal with on one integrated platform.”

After acquiring a bevy of new business units, SG Companies knew it needed a reliable and stable 24/7 system for integrating data across multi-faceted operations to aggressively compete in on a global scale.

SG Companies decided to partner with BlueCherry to help merge these acquisitions and grow the company’s visibility on a global scale.

CGS provided SG Companies with a complete, end-to-end solution, utilizing nearly the entire suite of BlueCherry products: from the PLM design module to help manage the product lifecycle, to the ERP module to help SG Companies globally manage its supply chain resources, to the BlueCherry EDI module to help communicate and share information with customers, partners and across business units.

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