Southern Marsh

Retail-centric Software Solutions Offering Control in a Cloud-based Approach

Challenge/Opportunity: Solving existing bottlenecks, blind spots and outdated warehousing with adaptable software for the apparel industry

BlueCherry provided:

  • Solutions to chronic bottlenecking and “blindspot” problems
  • Optimization of warehousing and fulfillment
  • Cloud-based solutions from experts who know the apparel industry

“BlueCherry was the most reputable solution. It came highly recommended, and we liked the idea that it was cloud, constantly changing and making itself better. BlueCherry was the most sophisticated and forward-looking product.”

Lifestyle brands require software solutions designed explicitly for the retail industry, all while supporting growth. BlueCherry offers the ability to catalogue, maximize fulfillment and prevent “ad-hoc solutions” and common human errors.

Southern Marsh, a mid-luxury lifestyle brand, suffered from what CEO Matt Valiohalli calls “caveman warehousing.” With bottlenecks and blind spots residual from the startup days or from software choices that weren’t designed for retailers, his business struggled to reach its full potential. He needed a retail-centered software solution to gain control of, catalogue and document all data. Valiohalli found BlueCherry software phenomenal for granular-level control “from conception to execution.”

BlueCherry’s cloud-based, sophisticated approach was adaptable, with a la carte add-on options that helped retailers grow at the right pace. With comprehensive views, it provided a competitive edge for his company with accounting, analytics and cloud-based solutions from experts who know the apparel industry.

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