Tommy Bahama


Managing a complex supply chain efficiently with BlueCherry


Challenge / Opportunity:

* Multiple non-traditional channels, like their own eCommerce site, in additional to their own retail stores, and merchandise sold in larger department stores and additional locations

* Challenges with shipping to all these various locations as well as managing busy periods like the holidays

* Needed a system that could also grow with them at an accelerated pace



“Great thing about CGS is that they’re very versatile, and people know our company very well, and when we have a unique situation, we reach out to them, perhaps do a design session with them, and they know that product so well, and they know Tommy Bahama. So, they will help us align what is possible in BlueCherry, with what we need to run our business. So, that’s been a tremendous, tremendous value.” - Cynthia Quackenbush, Supply Chain Program Manager, Tommy Bahama



Tommy Bahama, a very large, lifestyle apparel company, uses CGS’s BlueCherry to help run their business efficiently and to grow. BlueCherry has also helped Tommy Bahama increase the efficiency of their shipping, particularly during busy periods like the holidays and Cyber Monday. Watch Cynthia Quackenbush, who is responsible for all aspects of Tommy Bahama’s supply chain activities in BlueCherry talk about the impact working with CGS has had on their business.

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