5 Tips: How to Recognize & Motivate Call Center Agents

In order to deliver the superior customer service that customers have come to expect, employee satisfaction and engagement needs to be a business priority. Amazing customer service can differentiate your business from the competition, but you can't achieve that goal without investing in your front line. There's no denying it: customer support reps can have a big impact on success.

Recognition feels good and it can inspire agents to go the distance. Employees who know that they will receive recognition for acting on the brand promise have strong incentive to do so. 

In addition to delivering a better customer experience, companies can reduce turnover rates. In a recent study by Forbes, companies that scored in the top 20% for building a "recognition-rich culture" enjoyed a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate.1

Here are 5 things the C-Suite can do to better recognize call center reps and motivate them today:



1. Forbes, New Research Unlocks the Secret of Employee Recognition

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