April 06, 2020
Call Center Working from Home Preparedness with Steven Petruk

Steven Petruk, President of the CGS Global Outsourcing Division discusses preparing and implementing the CGS call center teams worldwide to work from home. He shares advice for other leaders transitioning staff to work remotely and how he works with customers to address concerns.



Customer Quotes

"Government lockdowns, or the threat of them, across the world displaced a material portion of representatives from their call center locations.  CGS responded proactively and quickly to enable a very high percentage of those displaced to work from home.  They were a leader in our work from home effort and were the first to complete their full transition.  CGS supports us across multiple customer segments, and we are grateful for their rapid response, diligence and teamwork that helped us recover and improve the experience for our valued customers."

Scott M. Fisher, Director, Supplier & Workforce Planning & Management, Sprint