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Managed IT Services

Businesses of all sizes need to stay up to date on emerging threats and relevant technology innovations. Managed IT Services allow companies to receive a full suite of IT support when they need it most. By partnering with a managed services provider (MSP), you are on a level playing field with enterprise-level expertise and resources. Companies are able to subscribe to the services they need and scale up as their business grows.

Non-profit Uses CGS IT Outsourcing and RMM to Manage IT Functions

On-Demand Expert Talent

Going it alone can mean that your team members are working on a variety of tasks, often learning as they go, but rarely having the chance to gain deep expertise in a specialty such as security. As a Managed IT Services provider, CGS has the resources and expertise to deliver the most complex IT service or project. We provide experts that understand your company, systems and business goals inside and out. This allows you to focus on your core business during the weekdays, relax on your evenings and weekends – all while reducing IT costs.

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Advanced IT Monitoring and Maintenance Tools

Gaining insight into what is happening on a network is vital in the war against cybercriminals, hackers and malware of all types. It is a critical need of organizations everywhere. Companies also need tools to monitor, manage and provide real-time alerts on a vast array of devices and services. But buying and running a sophisticated program is far beyond the resources and capabilities of most companies.

Partnering with CGS puts some of the world’s most sophisticated software and processes within reach. CGS continually invests in tools and the right expertise to run them, to greatly increase efficiency and act as an additional line of defense against threats.

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Reduced Risk

By relying on CGS Managed Services, companies have the assurance that no matter the time zone the CGS team will keep things running 24 x 7 x 365. This means that the professionals supporting you will respond in real time, at any hour of your day.

Not only can the CGS team conduct maintenance tasks during off hours, but we can draw insights from the performance of your network and take precautions against emerging risk. For example, if we detect  a large increase in traffic on the network that may indicate an in-process cyberattack; our systems would alert our clients so that internal teams can take defensive action in real time.

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Lower IT Support Costs

How can organizations lower IT support costs? It comes down to efficiency. Partnering with a specialized MSP that uses advanced tools, helps reduce the time to handle complex maintenance tasks while increasing the accuracy. The job requires fewer resources and, thus, costs less.

Understanding how the network is performing can also help prevent IT emergencies such as server failures. IT emergencies always cost more than taking preventative action.

Funciones y Beneficios

Health Check

Reporting and analytics via dashboards to identify and address issues, forecast CAPEX expenditures and prevent downtime



Minimize Disruption

Proactive monitoring of desktops, servers and networks. Anticipate, alert, escalate and resolve before issues impact operations

Audit & Inventory

Gather information about software and hardware, licensing and warranty position and hardware end-of-life


Management of anti-virus and firewall activity and backup monitoring to ensure your systems are protected

End-User Support 

Level 1-3, 24x7 support available with Help Desk and certified engineers


Highly Skilled Teams

Trained on all the latest tools to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues and collaborate as an extension of your company

TOP 20

CGS named one of the 20 most powerful cloud companies


34% reduction in server issues over just 3 months

20 – 30%

20 – 30% infrastructure cost savings achieved

“CGS is competitively priced. In terms of redundancy, they have two state-of-the-art facilities. They enabled me to eliminate infrastructure, which allowed me to reduce costs and operating expenses.”



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Non-profit Uses CGS IT Outsourcing and RMM to Manage IT Functions

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