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PLM Features & Benefits

Fully Omnichannel

The most seamless route from PLM to eCommerce, online storefronts and brick and mortar.

Flexible and Configurable Architecture

Deploy SaaS, hybrid and on-premises, no-code configuration, easy onboarding and multi-device compatibility.

Adobe® Suite Integration

Communicate libraries, styles and key product data with single sign-on and data sharing between Adobe Illustrator and PLM.

3D & Digital Product Creation

Visualize products, communicate with suppliers and replace physical prototypes with virtual samples with seamless links between PLM and 3D.

Extended PLM

Enhanced from design and development to raw materials sourcing, purchase orders, sample and workflow tracking.

Collaboration & Workflow Visibility

Integrate internal teams and vendors to track and manage process milestones with streamlined approvals and automated alerts.

Open API Integrations

Link PLM to third-party ERP, creative design and other essential tools through API – or integrate to the BlueCherry suite of supply chain solutions.

Digital Asset Management

Centralize your key production assets, from patterns to 3D renderings, in a platform that makes them accessible when and where they’re needed.

Compliance & CSR

Use PLM to manage supplier compliance, factory audits and corporate social responsibility with templates for CPSIA, GCC and other regulations and certifications.

Beyond Proper from Boston Proper logo using PLM for fashion and apparel
Mountain Equipment Co-op uses BlueCherry Next PLM
La Vie En Rose uses BlueCherry Next PLM for supply chain software
Marie Claire uses BlueCherry Next PLM for supply chain software
Victoria Beckham uses BlueCherry Next PLM for supply chain software