Unlimited Mailbox


Enterprise Archiving, eDiscovery, and Migration Solutions from CGS

Unlimited Mailbox and Unified Forensic Auditor from Computer Generated Solutions (CGS) deliver comprehensive email archiving, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance and cross-platform migration capabilities affordably and without locking your business into proprietary storage formats, expensive appliances, and costly infrastructure. And, it does it all with absolutely no footprint on either your communications server or end-user machines.

Unlimited Mailbox
Unlimited Mailbox provides a universal policy-based archive system that leverages your existing email storage environment for quick search, retrieval, and discovery of email messages. Unlimited Mailbox helps companies tackle government-mandated storage requirements and boost employee productivity by automating the email archiving and retrieval process and managing their rapidly growing volume of electronic information to reduce the cost and hassle of the legal discovery process.

Unified Forensic Auditor
​Our eDiscovery solution gives organizations the ability to quickly connect to and discover electronic data from multiple enterprise systems all through a single user-friendly web interface. This includes powerful tools to classify, tag, redact, index, and hold all your sensitive documents, with access to robust reporting capabilities.

Unlimited Mailbox Key Convenience Benefits

  • No Hardware or Software Lock-in: Compatible with all major industry hardware vendors, and features license-free open source software.
  • No Code: There is no code integrated into the server environment, alleviating conflict with software warranties.
  • Platform Independent: The same code can be used for all major platforms, greatly easing transition headaches by facilitating any upgrades or platform migration.