Improving performance in real time

How can your technicians, field operators, service workers, floor staff, manufacturing and engineering teams keep up with ever-changing processes? In today’s fast-paced world, industrial workers cannot rely on manual, slow and risky processes.  Employees working with instructions to maintain or service equipment, replace parts or power up new systems need to understand the steps and imagine the tools to be able to put things together. Teamwork AR can overlay virtual tutorials onto equipment to provide technicians with quick, visual demonstrations. The user-friendly technology helps streamline knowledge transfer and provide the continuous training your team needs to succeed in a safe and secure environment.

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AR to improve performance

Guidance in the Flow of Work

Using any device, anywhere, Teamwork AR provides next-level support and on-the-job training and remote assistance to field services, operations and manufacturing. Increase safety, boost efficiency, iterate more quickly by allowing employees to work, test, learn and connect with technology that displays extended information in the real-world environment surrounding them.  Powered by high-quality custom content and augmented reality, Teamwork AR changes the way work gets done and elevates the outcome.

Teamwork AR™ by CGS

Expertise is critical in the field

Productivity directly results in your profitability. Teamwork AR helps product and manufacturing teams iterate rapidly and safely with intuitive, step-by-step instructions. Healthcare and service workers are able to solve real problems in digital settings. Sales and marketing teams can reduce product ramp-up time. It provides technicians with remote, live guidance and support. All done via video and chat on any device, at the time that’s needed.

AR for critical field services
82% reduction

82% reduction in the error rate for assembly task

90% decrease

90% decrease in mistakes

50% faster

50% faster task performance

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Christopher Lind

People are buying things because they're wowed by the sales experience. AR made that possible for us. AR used to be outside our scope. CGS made it simple so it fits into our mix of sales tools.

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Are your field workers fully able to address damaged equipment, outages and other service fixes every time they're out on the road? Can use of AR enable your workforce and expedite business process? Through visually interactive, immersive technologies such as AR, your field service technicians can directly access the expertise they need without the subject matter expert being present on site. Quickly discover if AR can help your workforce increase first-time fix rates, reduce service costs and minimize costly downtime.

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Your organization may benefit from having your workforce obtain subject matter expertise via AR in the field. Get started today with a demo to learn more by contacting CGS.

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Your organization's heavy reliance on field workers having immediate access to subject matter experts may make immersive technology, such as AR, beneficial to your technicians and your customers. Get started today by contacting CGS.

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While it might be too soon to implement AR for your field service technicians, you can learn more by contacting CGS for a demo.

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