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Are your field workers fully able to address damaged equipment, outages and other service fixes every time they're out on the road? Can use of AR enable your workforce and expedite business process? Through visually interactive, immersive technologies such as AR, your field service technicians can directly access the expertise they need without the subject matter expert being present on site. Quickly discover if AR can help your workforce increase first-time fix rates, reduce service costs and minimize costly downtime.

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Your organization may benefit from having your workforce obtain subject matter expertise via AR in the field. Get started today with a demo to learn more by contacting CGS.

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Your organization's heavy reliance on field workers having immediate access to subject matter experts may make immersive technology, such as AR, beneficial to your technicians and your customers. Get started today by contacting CGS.

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While it might be too soon to implement AR for your field service technicians, you can learn more by contacting CGS for a demo.

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Features & Benefits

Augmented reality for any device

AR for Any Device, Anywhere.

Available on iOS, Android, web and wearable platforms (HMT-1), allowing for interoperability for support and collaboration

Realtime collaborative augmented reality

Real-Time AR Collaboration Tools.

Videoconferencing & recording, chat, annotation, object placement, shared workspaces and screenshots, remote guidance with direct interaction from SMEs, hands-free AI-based voice search

Feature rich visualization tools

Feature-Rich Visualization Tools.

Rich, real-life visuals: 3D objects, rotate, draw & annotate, point of view, image recognition, environmental mapping, video streaming, adjustable bandwidth for field service optimization

Integrations for augmented reality


ServiceNow, among other IT service management providers, to create / append service tickets, learning management systems (LMS), eLearning courseware, support for IoT

Analytics for augmented reality programs


Save sessions, timestamps for compliance, track status of learning materials usage

Expert augmented reality content development for learning and field services

Expert AR Content Development

Custom content development provides an end-to-end solution; no agencies, no new development staff, just results

Support for augmented reality 24 by 7

24x7 Support.

Approachable, knowledgeable support team with fast turnaround, in real time via chat, phone or email

Augmented reality for global enterprises

Global Performance.

Live language translation and support to unite your global team; removing language barriers, you can tap into a larger talent pool to collaborate on projects or resolve issues

CGS security in the cloud


Communication engine built on ISO 27001, one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards

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