September 30, 2020

CGS Introduces Global Engagement Committee

CGS has family day

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, CGS teams were distributed across 17 offices around the world, with a few employees working remotely. The pandemic sent more than 95% of our employees to work from home. While teams were physically separated to thousands of home venues, they continued to work closely via various channels.

Staying engaged in each other’s lives has become even more important during these times of uncertainty to support employees’ sense of wellbeing and help them stay focused and committed to achieving their personal and company goals.

To address the needs of the worldwide team, CGS rolled out a Global Engagement Committee of 49 volunteers, representing each country in which the company has offices. Working closely with Operations and Human Resources teams, the Committee is developing programs and events that celebrate our diverse workforce, reinforce our values and strengthen our collaboration with one another.

Helping employees build daily habits centered around healthy behaviors is the key to driving success at all levels of the organization.  Through this, the Committee’s goal is to help employees reduce stress, increase program participation, achieve better individual results and ultimately better business outcomes.

The Global Engagement Committee will focus on wellbeing (physical, financial and mental) by creating engaging, meaningful programs and interactions with our workforce. 

The Committee consists of several subgroups including: professional development, wellness, talent, charity, culture and contests. They meet weekly, share ideas and are empowered to develop and execute programming that are meant to enrich our employees’ lives.

The team quickly took action and began hosting numerous virtual breakfasts, coffee breaks and family centric events in the summer. Across the globe, more than 700 employees have collaborated in online communities and participated in these virtual programs. One such virtual event was a magic show to help parents who are balancing work, caregiving and teaching responsibilities.  A series of wellness webinars was launched to address such topics as managing anxiety during uncertainty, parenting in today’s normal and how to improve your sleep. Some upcoming webinars will be centered around fitness, financial health, food and creativity.

The Committee would also like to give employees the chance to give back to their communities through charity and have started with a global blood drive, partnering with the American Red Cross, to run through the end of the year. Participating employees will receive an alert when their donation is used so they know when they’ve made a difference through saving a life.

Engaging employees through special interest groups, webinars, contests, charity and a variety of other programs continue to help keep everyone more connected than ever. As we come out of this time of isolation, we know more about our global teams and their strength and creativity.

To learn more about our CGS Cares campaigns, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility on our website.