With over 90% of healthcare embracing technologies like telehealth, AI, sentiment analysis, chatbots, online video and augmented reality, the potential to transform patient care is becoming clearer every day- from remotely training surgeons to improving health outcomes through omnichannel communications and enhancing home healthcare. And pharmaceutical and biotech companies are seeing huge benefits in using these technologies for improved drug visualization, sales, product and operations training, customer engagement and improving the safety and precision of manufacturing plant processes.

The road to success requires digital innovation to make devices and services more personalized, physicians and patients more engaged and business processes more immediate.

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To thrive in an increasingly digital world, pharma, biotech and healthcare companies are deploying next-generation technologies to streamline business processes. Quality and speed are essential to meeting new expectations in efficiency and agility from customers, employees, patients, and suppliers. CGS supports and scales learning needs around onboarding, compliance, global sales training, systems training, instructional design of medical content and AR-Enabled training, remote guidance and assistance. Whether the requirement is building and deploying 70+ manufacturing processes training courses for one of the top three largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide or supporting surgeons and global sales staff with rapid response training on equipment for emergency preparedness, CGS can help. 

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Modern medicine is undergoing a digital transformation that centers care around personal interactions. Everyone from physicians to operations teams to home health and personal care aids have a world of complicated machinery and medical devices at their fingertips.  Digital support and AR-assisted technologies gives them access to highly trained technical specialists who can help them power up new devices, replace worn out parts or troubleshoot equipment in real-time. This helps streamline physicians’ work, reduce human error and improve patient outcomes.

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AR for healthcare technology


Anytime-anywhere virtual care is essential now more than ever. CGS can help you connect with your digital-savvy patients and customers and provide them with support where and when they need it whether it be by phone, email, chat, text or social. We have the capability to rapidly ramp up your customer support talent and technology around the globe. Our agents manage more than 65 million interactions per year and speak more than 25 languages covering over 2.25 billion people around the world. With patience and empathy our agents handle sensitive financial, emotional and private matters like helping enroll patients in clinical trials, appointment setting, order tracking, conducting outbound surveys, verifying insurance and other details, managing orders, availability requests, product recalls, drug interaction and side effect questions and feedback and complaint hotlines.

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Human touch patient care outsourcing


CGS has 35+ years of expertise providing customer care, help desk, technical support and learning services to leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and healthcare providers and medical device firms. Our global team has worked as a long-term partner to the industry and leverage our expertise across 20+ languages and locations to improve processes, reduce costs and keep your medical staff, operations, manufacturing and quality teams focused on providing the highest levels of care and health outcomes.

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