Superior processes and technology are fundamental, but people are the heart of great sales and service. Our telesales and telemarketing agents know how to maximize every point of contact to convert calls to sales opportunities.

Like you, we are obsessed with driving product awareness and sales through exceptional service. The CGS telemarketing specialists are experts in business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales, marketing and customer experience.  

We recruit the best call center agents with excellent communication skills, sales knowledge, confidence and the ability to handle rejection. Then we train them in your products and brand, sharpen their skills and prepare them to handle the toughest deals. They can handle the most challenging competitive questions and the highest-volume sales periods.

Sprint Customer Testimonial


CGS was recently ranked the best telesales outsourcing company in sales among all outsourcing partners by one of the top five largest U.S. wireless providers. Companies turn to CGS to gain the multilingual talent. CGS telemarketing has the flexibility our customers need to reduce sales costs, drive revenue and increase repeat business. This flexibility allows companies to compete, grow and continue to provide  outstanding personal service.

We have global capabilities to help customers reach new markets faster. You will maintain the quality of your brand and continue the individual attention you need to take sales and loyalty programs to the next level. We possess the discipline and have processes to improve conversion rates and drive growth cost-effectively. We do this throughout inbound and outbound telemarketing and telesales campaigns. This includes customer retention and loyalty, lead generation, appointment setting, closing deals and up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Broaden your marketing with outsourcing telesales and telemarketing with CGS


Sales, customer retention and loyalty strategies have undergone profound changes in the last 10 years. Business leaders must stay on top of trends in cloud, SaaS, recurring revenue models, solution selling, marketing automation and social monitoring. It is essential to be cutting-edge while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right balanced approach can be daunting, while the wrong choice can be expensive. With CGS’s regional diversity and language coverage you’ll gain the flexibility to increase sales and marketing capacity around the globe.  Our experienced telesales and marketing teams help companies:

  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Reduce the cost of new sales
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Develop more predictable pipelines
  • Build loyalty with  sales and marketing programs

All this makes it easy for your customers to engage with your business. Our outsourcing services offer you a lower risk with output/outcome focused and pay-per-performance cost structure options.

Benefits for outsourcing telesales and telemarketing with CGS

Why CGS?

Global Centers

Located in United States, Canada, Romania, Chile, India, Israel and South Africa

20+ Languages Spoken

Includes: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Dutch, Danish, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Swedish

Win Customers

Outbound sales, customer acquisition & retention, win-back programs, campaign mgmt., upsells, conversions, B2B & B2C, order taking

400% Increased revenue

+400% within 3 years for a cloud data protection company


Our agents speak the languages of more than 2.25 billion people around the world


Improved conversion rate by 30% for first time deposits/month for online investment platform

“We needed a partner who made customer service their core competency. We needed multilingual support for all our solutions and services and we needed to do that in a unified way. That drove customer retention, loyalty and upsell. We needed to improve, somewhat dramatically, on our SLAs and to be able to predict cost. Those are the things that CGS helped us manage in conjunction with the ability to scale to address our business needs.”

Dan Wilkinson, Chief Commercial Officer, 1WorldSync

“The three main challenges Xylem faced were: a decentralized organization, uncommon processes globally, and Multilanguage challenges. CGS solved the problems by introducing a dedicated, 24x7x365, global service desk with Multilanguage capability. It absolutely filled the gap in where we needed to go to with standard processes using best practices globally. “

Richard Lampe, Director of Global Infrastructure Operations, Xylem

“They’ve been very flexible with us... so it’s really worked well. It’s driven mainly by the flexibility, the relationships you can build with the people, the ease of working with them. They’re willing to work with you as a partner. And a lot of companies will say that—everyone says they can do that, but CGS really, definitely prove that every day with us.”

 Doug Klees, VP Global Customer Care & Payments, AOL

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