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Cost Reduction

Production and manufacturing teams are pressured to deliver greater customer value at lower prices. As a continuous challenge it is typically driven by unstructured development, sourcing and manufacturing processes.

To help better manage your team’s process and budget, BlueCherry® PLM provides integrated line planning, a focused design process, greater visibility into product decisions on expenses and tools for more effective vendor selections.

With BlueCherry Shop Floor Control (SFC), production and manufacturing managers are able to take corrective measures before production bottlenecks and quality issues escalate into more costly and time-consuming problems.

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Plant Efficiency

Manufacturers face ever-increasing mandates to improve individual and overall plant productivity and efficiency in an effort to reduce throughput time and production costs. At the same time, they are challenged to improve quality and reduce work-in-process inventory levels.

BlueCherry Shop Floor Control provides operators with regular and consistent feedback to motivate and define the work pace needed to meet and exceed production goals. It also provides supervisors and managers with accurate and constant production and workflow information in real-time, in order to achieve the line balance, improve order tracking and on-time deliveries required to drive profits and customer satisfaction. 

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Product Quality

Poor product quality can significantly harm a company’s reputation, particularly for fashion and consumer products where the demands for greater value are most prominent. An inability to predict, identify and track quality issues can slow down your product development and manufacturing operations, resulting in high product costs and lost productivity.

BlueCherry Shop Floor Control quickly identifies and isolates quality problems ahead of time that can impact production schedules and costs, so that products can be delivered on-time and in line with specified quality standards.

BlueCherry PLM greatly improves product quality by providing a centralized library of information for in-house and global supply chain partners to ensure seamless real-time information flow, significantly reducing the risk of error.

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Streamline your business

Hosting business applications in the cloud allows manufacturers to free up more time to develop, produce and sell new products. The flexibility and speed of deployment of CGS Managed Cloud make it particularly well-suited for cloud-based ERP solutions. Cloud-hosted ERP brings core manufacturing tasks together. Cloud-hosted solutions can reduce IT expenditures, including infrastructure, maintenance and lifecycle costs.

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BlueCherry® PLM is a best-in-class product lifecycle management solution for Apparel Fashion, Accessories, Lifestyle and Footwear Brands to manage the entire product lifecycle with core PLM functions of  product data management (PDM), bill of materials (BOM), technical specifications and others. BlueCherry® PLM is further enhanced with a broader set of integrated line planning, design, product development, sourcing and production capabilities.

Shop Floor Control
Shop Floor Control

BlueCherry Shop Floor Control (SFC) solutions provide a comprehensive view of department and factory activity by digitalizing, in real-time, the collection and reporting of production activities, such order tracking, line balancing, absenteeism and low productivity with smart devices on the factory floor. This real-time visibility equips managers with the ability to make faster, better-informed business decisions and address potential delays and challenges before they escalate.

Managed Cloud Services

Migrating to the cloud can overburden already stretched IT teams, which slows your growth and leaves your IT infrastructure vulnerable to threats. With public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, CGS has developed best practices for customized cloud migrations and plans that we have used safely and securely with over 200 customers.

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