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State of the Skills Landscape

State of the Skills Landscape

Recent industry surveys show that 54% of employers currently have open positions that they can’t find qualified candidates for; and these companies are losing an average of $14,000 for every job that stays vacant for three months or longer.

This represents a staggering loss in productivity, competitiveness and innovation, causing employers to view attraction, retention and training in a new light.

Fortune 1000 companies contract with CGS for learning staff augmentation consulting services to help build and train on their internal projects from start to finish, whether the roles are highly skilled in a particular niche or an entire team of quality candidates is needed—fast.

Filling the Knowledge Gap

Filling the Knowledge Gap

Staff turnover has a deep impact on productivity, morale and operating performance. Studies show that every time an organization replaces an employee, it loses 6 to 9 months of an employee salary on average—or up to 213% of annual salary for highly educated executive positions.

CGS understands the mission-critical nature of organizations’ performance goals. We’re serious about creating staffing and consulting programs that have a direct impact on building and retaining valuable knowledge.

Our learning consulting services directly impact productivity. We work to understand our clients’ core business problems, align the right resources, embed staff into organizations and manage projects through to implementation.

We’re fundamentally driven to go the extra mile to help you succeed. We augment the consultants you hire from us with a back office team of experts that can help you navigate even the most complex technical training issues.


Project-Based Learning- The Right TalentatThe Right Time

Project-Based Learning- The Right Talent at The Right Time

Best-in-class organizations look for ways to acquire, upskill and retain the right talent. To keep a competitive edge, they need solutions and forward-looking partners to provide effective training, action learning programs, knowledge sharing and flexible staffing capabilities to help scale and optimize performance.

The CGS Enterprise Learning group draws from a network of over 2,000 hand-selected instructors to bolster learning and development departments, and an even broader ecosystem of skilled talent to help build and power client workforces.


95% of customers return to CGS for additional learning solutions


Supported 900,000+ learners in 2015 alone

6 years

Customer partnerships in excess of 6 years

“CGS provides 95% of the support we get from outside vendors. We act as one big team on learning, training, instructor-led delivery content, development, consulting, learning analytics—anything around learning or training.”

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