Agile, The Key to Learning Innovation

Today, more than 75% of companies use agile methodologies to accelerate time to market, increase productivity and better manage change. It’s no wonder that learning and development teams are thinking more like project managers and adopting this approach.

Agile is attractive because the sooner a solution (or part of a solution) is delivered with quality, the sooner organizations are able to provide feedback that can be incorporated into the next batch of work.

CGS is no stranger to introducing innovation to agile change management strategies, our work in this area can be quantified by the receipt of multiple Brandon Hall Excellence awards for Best Advance in Technology for Rapid Authoring and Social Learning. 

Digital Delivery Experts

Digital technology is poised to radically disrupt HR, and redefine the future of the talent management. As employees continue to define the future of work, learning teams are seeking partners with digital change management expertise.

The CGS Enterprise Learning team is comprised of award-winning designers, authored program managers and forward-looking corporate learning strategists. Technology is in our DNA. Our close partnerships with leading LMS, LCMS, HCM, and eLearning Authoring companies ensure that we know what is happening in the market and our commitment to market research and continous feedback keeps us on top of emerging tech around VR, AR, simulations, social and mobile strategies. Watch our case study on transforming onboarding programs with digital strategies.


Time to Performance

Learning organizations that demonstrate value to the business through change management strategies that deliver results continuously are more likely to receive future investment from the business. 

CGS’s position in providing consulting solutions for clients is to develop and implement corporate development programs that drive a higher level of business value—increased revenue, reduced operating costs, improved quality, etc. We focus on enabling employees to reap the benefits of knowledge or skill development faster; improve customer satisfaction and future sales opportunities; advise learning teams on how to make the best purchasing decisions; leverage analytics to create custom, tailored and targeted learning solutions that efficiently meet organizational learning objectives.

Embracing Change

Rarely does a major change management project go exactly according to the initial schedule. There are many reasons why plans, schedules, priorities and staffing plans change quickly. The challenge many organizations have is to be able to adapt to continuously changing requirements at scale. That’s where CGS’s consulting solutions come into play.

Although plans change over time, planning and collaboration are essential. CGS works with clients to establish a high-level working plan that evolves over the course of the project, reduces risk early in the development process, provides hands-on experience, enables the client to begin receiving value from completed projects as quickly as possible, and prioritizes deliverables for optimal business value.


Advisory Services

Advisory services focused on optimizing clients’ learning infrastructure, team staffing, project management, governance, leveraging internal systems and learning architecture 

Delivery and Execution

Design, development and deployment of all learning solutions, including eLearning, virtual classrooms, mobile learning, instructors, job aids and customer training

A PLM to reduce cost for apparel, fashion, and lifestyle brands

Learning BPO

Expertise in performance consulting, curriculum development, training administration, content development, gap analysis, rollouts, adoption, maintenance, QA, reporting and administration


95% of customers return to CGS for additional learning solutions


Supported 1m+ learners in 2017 alone

9 years

Customer partnerships in excess of 9 years

“CGS provides 95% of the support we get from outside vendors. We act as one big team on learning, training, instructor-led delivery content, development, consulting, learning analytics—anything around learning or training.”

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