TeamworkAR™: Enterprise Augmented Reality

Your people power your business. Whether the goals are onsite repairs, new training, remote assistance or enabling a dispersed workforce, TeamworkAR™ is how you can give your people the support they need.

The many different applications of augmented reality make it a versatile tool for enhancing your workforce. Through innovative technology with practical functionality, TeamworkAR can make employees more efficient, more effective, and more confident in their work. With real-time learning, expert guidance and seamless collaboration, they can do what your business needs and be safer while doing it.

Make Everyone A Genius


Your operations are facing newer, harder and ever-evolving challenges. To keep your company’s standards high, you need an innovative approach.

TeamworkAR™ can change the way you and your teams get work done. From complex coaching, to guided equipment maintenance, to remote training, our enterprise augmented reality solution gives your people expert custom and experiential learning without the need for travel costs, complicated rollouts, or unfamiliar new equipment.

It’s delivered right on the devices they already have, wherever they already are, ready to support your rapid response needs today.

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AR = Already Ready


As competition grows, you need tools that improve engagement and retention. Augmented and Mixed Reality sound promising, but can the hype lead to real results?

A recent IDC research report shows that you can. Businesses using AR see improvements in efficiency, safety, and knowledge transfer. And those improvements can lead to a better empowered workforce with higher productivity and retention.

TeamworkAR™ turns AR’s promise into tangible results through our 35 years of expertise in creating experiences that engage and empower employees through technology.

Make Everyone a Genius


Increasing employee productivity and customer satisfaction is always a great goal. But how do you measure it? How can you know your AR investment is working? We align your goals to key performance indicators (KPIs), based on whatever particular use case you need.

Maybe it’s helping product teams iterate rapidly, securely, and safely. Maybe it’s helping people solve real problems in remote and dispersed settings. Maybe it’s reducing errors and lowering ramp-up time for sales and marketing. Maybe it’s providing field technicians with remote guidance and support.

Whatever your teams need, TeamworkAR™ can enhance their experience—measurably.

ROI Make Everyone a Genius


TeamworkAR™ transforms training, making learning more efficient through knowledge transfer, collaboration and remote assistance. By moving your workforce quicker from the classroom to real-world work, TeamworkAR increases productivity and success. Enhancing your own custom content through augmented reality, you can change how work gets done—for better. Learn how the Red Cross optimized training using AR.

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Make Everyone Empowered

Features & Benefits

AR for Any Device, Anywhere.

Available on iOS, Android, web and wearable platforms (HMT-1), allowing for interoperability for support and collaboration

Real-Time AR Collaboration Tools.

Videoconferencing & recording, chat, annotation, object placement, shared workspaces and screenshots, remote guidance with direct interaction from SMEs, hands-free AI-based voice search

Feature-Rich Visualization Tools.

Rich, real-life visuals: 3D objects, rotate, draw & annotate, point of view, image recognition, environmental mapping, video streaming, adjustable bandwidth for field service optimization


ServiceNow, among other IT service management providers, to create / append service tickets, learning management systems (LMS), eLearning courseware, support for IoT


Save sessions, timestamps for compliance, track status of learning materials usage

Expert Digital Content Development.

Custom content development provides an end-to-end solution; no agencies, no new development staff, just results

24x7 Support.

Approachable, knowledgeable support team with fast turnaround, in real time via chat, phone or email

Global Performance.

Live language translation and support to unite your global team; removing language barriers, you can tap into a larger talent pool to collaborate on projects or resolve issues


Communication engine built on ISO 27001, one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards

150% better

Performance by employees is 150% better than those using paper-based training materials.

60% increase

Experience 60% increase in learning effectiveness

50% faster

Generate 50% faster task performance

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Christopher Lind

People are buying things because they're wowed by the sales experience. AR made that possible for us. AR used to be outside our scope. CGS made it simple so it fits into our mix of sales tools.

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