Competitive Advantage with Actionable Intelligence

To remain competitive in today's omnichannel environment, fashion, apparel and footwear brands need to move quickly with agility and clear strategies that meet consumer expectations. Companies need tools and processes that provide actionable intelligence and predictive analytics that enhance performance and track important trends. This insight allows companies to meet consumer demands with greater accuracy and ease.

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Removing Information Silos

Information stored across disparate systems in your end-to-end supply chain causes inefficiencies and often errors when trying to gain valuable insights. BlueCherry Business Intelligence aggregates data from the BlueCherry Suite of products – including ERP, PLM, Collaborative Supply Chain, B2B eCommerce, Shop Floor Control and third-party sources – to provide a holistic view of your business operations.

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Role- and Function-based Analytics

Our Business Intelligence tool is a powerful engine that creates concise, aggregated views of relevant data and key performance indicators based on industry specific roles, from executive management to operations, and for various functions, from sales to finance to production. These reports include detailed information on sales data, product availability, vendor score cards and much more.

Features & Benefits

Out-of-the-box Usability

Pre-packaged with more than 500 industry-specific, preconfigured KPIs and reports with role-based dashboards

Customized Dashboards

Create or modify reports and business reporting objects on the fly

KPI Comparative Analysis

Compare year-to-year, division-to-division and more with dynamic grouping and sorting

In-depth Analysis

Analyze data by region, currency, customer or other relevant factors

In-house Report Configuration

Build flexible reports in-house to create virtually any report against the data warehouse


The standalone BI database easily integrates and consolidates data with the BlueCherry Suite and other third-party solutions